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Oy. Today. Woke up to find our rooster had been attacked overnight. He was in isolation in a dog cage in the dog run since he attacked me a few times. Seems the raccoon who killed my duck tried to pull him through the bars and he fought like hell losing half his spur in the process. He survived though so am happy.

Our order of Cornish X meat birds arrived at the store early. I had ordered 25 and ended up with 28 since the store is super awesome and threw in a few free ones. Super excited to be raising my own chicken for meat so I can stop supporting the cruel industry.

Finally when I got back from the store I decided to check on the ducks out on the nests thinking there wouldn’t be any ducklings hatched yet but surprise! A duckling! Don’t know how many more will hatch out there but excited about the new duckling baby!


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